Skid Car Tuition ...

At Skid Car Scotland we offer an extensive training course designed to improve awareness and reactions in even the best of drivers ...

Watch the Skid Car in action ...

Our company boasts the only Scottish Skid Car facility, with fully qualified instructors ranging from 15 to 25 years experience.

Having recently taken delivery of the most advanced Skid Car in the world, we can now offer expert tuition in utilising Electronic Stability Control, as fitted to most modern cars.

Our state-of-the-art Skid-Car frame, coupled to a brand new Ford Mondeo, allows us to demonstrate the benefits of ESC as well as the possibilities of human or driver error.

ESC intervenes when it detects loss of steering control, such as when the vehicle is not going where the driver is steering. This may happen, for example, when skidding during emergency evasive swerves, understeer or oversteer during poorly judged turns on slippery roads, or hydroplaning.

In situations when a vehicle loses grip on the road, ESC allows the vehicle to gain traction and therefore avoid an accident situation.

Whether you've been driving for 50 minutes or 50 years every day can bring a new situation, and it's important that you are able to react instantly and instinctively to regain control of your vehicle.

With the use of the latest Skid Car technology we can simulate many different hazardous situations and teach you the driver how to recognise, overcome and most importantly prevent that possibly fatal skid situation .

Based on a half day/ 3.5 hour course, we offer training covering the following situations...

When you arrive at our training centre you'll be shown a short DVD which explains the causes of skid situations. After this we give you an introduction to the car and its workings, then it's time to take the wheel and begin your Skid Car experience!

Understanding that not everyone can have the latest car with the latest technology we can tailor our Skid Car course to suit your driving needs.

With ABS - Most modern cars are fitted with ABS, a braking system allowing the vehicle to stop safely without losing traction and skidding. Our course will teach you the benefits of cadence or pulse braking reducing your braking distance and potentially removing the risk of a possibly fatal accident.

Without ABS - We can teach you how to safely bring your vehicle to a stop in accident, even without the aid of an ABS system. We will also outline the benefits of having ABS fitted, and hopefully get the message across that ABS is a must for every driver.

Although we keep the course fun-filled, you can be sure that you'll leave satisfied that if ever in a skid situation you can put your newly acquired knowledge to good use.